“We have been very pleased with the dog walking services offered by Upward Dog Walker. They’ve truly gone consistently above and beyond in their care of our 11-year-old Boston terrier, Lily. In general, Lori and her walkers were excellent, not only giving Lily her daily walk, fresh water, and pets, they also took exceptional care of Lily when she was experiencing some neck and shoulder issues, carrying her up and down our front stairs to the sidewalk and being extra-gentle with her. Their consistent and thoughtful care helped Lily recover more quickly. In addition, we always got daily written and texted progress reports on each and every walk. We cannot recommend Upward Dog Walker more!”

Rick Reed, Bruce Moynagh, and Lily (lower Queen Anne)

“Lori Theis and Upward Dog Walkers have been a part of our family for over three years. As busy professionals on the go, we have to be creative in finding dog walking and sitting for our Labrador “Tip” that works in a busy, urban neighborhood. Upward Dog Walkers was a great find. We can always trust that our Labrador and our home are in good hands with Lori and her team.”

Mike and Shannon McQuaid (South Lake Union, Seattle)

“After working at home for years, it was difficult to leave my dog home alone. But we have nothing to worry about with Lori coming to visit every day. Our dog loves her and we can tell by her daily notes that she genuinely loves what she does, takes it very seriously and treats Teddy like her own. We have called her at the last minute and she has made time for us, and we have also left Teddy with Lori and her husband for the whole weekend and it was a great experience. I highly recommend Lori and Upward Dog Walker.”

Jennifer and Grant Bowker (Belltown, Seattle)

“Lori has been walking our dog Whisky (a miniature schnauzer) since our first dog walker retired and passed along her recommendation for Lori. Whisky absolutely loves Lori, which he makes clear every time he sees her. Whisky also spent a couple of nights with Lori when we went out of town. He had a great time, and we received good updates from Lori so we knew he was being looked after and safe. She (or her other walkers) always leave a note every day with anything that happens on Whisky’s walk, including the funny stuff that he occasionally does. We highly recommend Lori, and we are glad to have her walking our doggie.”

Amanda Powter, Avinash Jaisinghani, and Whisky (Ballard, Seattle)

“We are so happy to have Lori involved in Tokyo’s care. Her approach is very sensitive and kind. She’s the perfect person for this work, having a vocation for it. Tokyo loves her companionship during the week and we love her excellent care of him and communication with us.”

Anne and Jody C. (Ballard, Seattle)

“Lori and Upward Dog Walker are two Seattle things every dog owner should know about. I met Lori in January when I was looking for a dog sitter to come and stay at our flat for the weekend and look after our dogs, a three year-old Basset Hound London, and a nine year old Golden Retriever, Mr. Beau. Lori was excellent with her customer service on the phone and set me up with one of her dog sitters Erich who looked after our dogs that weekend and was fantastic. We have had Erich return another weekend recently and did a great job once again, making us feel at peace with leaving our dogs behind while we roam the country for a short weekend away.”

“Recently Beau got an injury when I took him to the dog park and the FIRST person I called was Lori, I didn’t even think about it I just called her and asked her for her help. She not only gave me a general idea of what may have happened (which she was dead right about) but she also arranged to pick Beau up and drive to AND from the vet the very next day. I feel strongly about Lori and her company because in such a short time Lori has made a very real impression on me. She is honest and takes her time to explain and listen to me and my dogs. I would recommend Lori and her services to all dog owners in the Seattle area. She is a wonderful lady and runs a very professional company.”

Amy B. (Pioneer Square, Seattle)

“I got my puppy Cody when he was 10 weeks old which means not only potty breaks at 2am, but potty breaks at 8am, 11am, 3pm, and 6pm. Working a full time job can make that kind of schedule impossible! So, I asked Lori to come three times a day and feed Cody during lunch time. She was great! Not only did Cody become potty trained quickly, but he got crate trained too! When he got a little older, I gave Lori instructions on how I was training Cody, and just like that his sit, stay, and wait commands got instantly better! She cares so much for him and has become his second mom. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Susy M. (Greenlake, Seattle)