Who Will Be Walking My Dog?

Meet our Walkers

Lori Theis

Lori Theis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington. Lori is also a Small Animal Massage Practitioner (SAMP) licensed by the Washington State Department of Health.

Lori’s interest in helping dogs and their owners dealing with behavior issues started in 2011 when she took over one of Seattle’s first dog walking companies – Urban Dog Walker. Lori changed the name to Upward Dog Walker as a nod to her passion as a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, and from there became a full time advocate and consultant for strengthening relationships between dogs and their owners through ethological, scientific principles.

Over the years, Lori established consulting relationships with municipal and state leadership entities as they developed policies and regulations governing the pet industry. This work led to the founding of Alliance for the Advancement of Canine Welfare which works to advance the well being of dogs and the dog walking profession as a whole .

Lori also writes a regular column for Lynnwood Times Your Best Pet: Command Control for Companion Animal News.

Tom Moffat

Tom is a field supervisor for Upward Dog Walker and a lover of all animals. Tom has years of experience on the other end of the leash and receives requests from all over King County for his quiet expertise with reactive dogs. Before Upward Dog Walker, Tom prided himself as a “Cat Man” and so continues to don that furry hat when feline friends need playtime and house-keeping services. Tom believes animals deserve to be respected for the individuals they are and is grateful for the infinite lessons they provide him each and every day.

Barb Hall

Barb Hall has owned and loved dogs as long as she can remember. Barb has mostly owned small dogs but walks and cares for larger breeds as well. Foremost, Barb is a lover of all dogs and uses a gentle, caring approach. Barb’s motto:

“Walking and caring for dogs is the best way to go through life no matter what age!”


Loretta Williams

Loretta is 63 years young!  She grew up on the underdeveloped north side of Lake Washington in the 1960s, riding horses, climbing trees and catching frogs. Loretta received her undergraduate degree in the pre-veterinary program at the University of Washington.

When Alaska beckoned, Loretta quit school and moved north. She explored Anchorage, Bristol Bay, Fairbanks, Homer, Illiamna and southeast Alaska where she settle for five years. Loretta also commercially gill-netted for Salmon and long-lined for Halibut. Diversity is the key to employment in Alaska. Loretta worked as a small plane dispatcher for Alaska Airlines, 911 Police and Fire, and also served as a technician for Alaska State Park where she worked to keep the peace between bears and human visitors.

After 10 years in Alaska, Loretta returned to Seattle and for several years transported people with disabilities- an occupation that further developed Loretta’s patience and safety skills.

Loretta enjoys, patient, respectful, and playful relationships with all animals (humans included!). She is responsive and compassionate in caring for both humans and animals with special needs and is beloved by Upward Dog Walker clients.

Alex McDowell

Alex is originally from Missoula, MT where he received bachelor’s degrees from the University of Montana in Music and Music Education.

Alex has been around the company of dogs and other household animals since he was young boy. Between his family and friends, he has had the pleasure of interacting with dogs of all kinds and sizes, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Alex has always enjoyed the caring and loving nature of dogs. He loves being able to spend his days outdoors with our furry friends. During his free time Alex enjoys outdoor recreation; such as hiking, biking, and snowboarding. Alex also has an exciting freelance music performing and teaching career here in Seattle.